Sextreme Fest ’17! Two Spooky Girls Heading Out to Do Very Goth Things

Dear Nerds,

I meant to write sooner, but we’ll blame that on procrastination developed by mental illness. Anyway, let me tell you about my awesome night at Sextreme Fest! Sextreme Fest was a show at Respectable Street that took place on October 21st, featuring the best bands that Allison and I grew up on as baby goth kids in middle school. With a headline featuring Christian Death, En Esch, Astari Nite (which I’m glad we missed 😅). Nothing was going to stop us from seeing this show, not even our damaged and sketchy vehicles; so we grabbed an Uber, and we were on our way to go be so wild.

We got there in the middle of En Esch’s set, but it was pretty good. They even covered some of my favorite KMFDM songs. At this point I’d already found the devil and we danced.

IMG_2262 6.jpg
“Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?”


Christian Death came up next and I was extremely excited. I can remember being a kid and while everyone else was in to Korn and Deftones, I would be in my room listening the Only Theater of Pain album while missing the late Rozz Williams. Their set was amazing and Valor looked so cute in his Caligula-resembling costume. I don’t have words or the proper platform to show the happiness I was caught up in on this night.

My hair and makeup is a hoot mess from being in the front screaming all night. But I got to chat with Valor from Christian Death!

I wandered off during the Combichrist set, nothing was going to stop me from getting to the front and looking at Andy LaPlegua. Nothing! They did all of the classic Combichrist songs which I loved, Andy jumped in the crowed a few times and I got to touch his butt while carrying him!  At one point the guitar player grabbed me so that we I could sing “What the Fuck is Wrong With You”. That made my night, singing with the band. One day…

Andy LaPlegua looking amazing.


When Lords of Acid came out to do their set, they killed. Nothing but sex, pussy talk, more sex, and a lot of smashing things and dancing; beautiful.

I enjoyed the shit out of West Palm, I wish we could’ve stayed up there longer. Ally and I have waited damn near 15 years to see this show, and I’m really happy that we got to go together. I got to see Christian Death play with my best friend before Valor dies. I can’t explain how happy that makes me. When we got home, we stayed up all night watching Desperate Living, of course. Allison also made M&M pancakes in the morning, what a best friend!

So that was one of my not-so -Classy-Nerdy  weekend. It’s was great, man. The only thing I missed out on was the opportunity for Andy to sign my boobs. Next time…🤔

Click here for the Sextreme Fest Gallery!

Love, Micro and Macabre!


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