Feeling Like Youʻre Losing Your Mind? Iʻve Got Some Films for That!

I would say that itʻs been a while without me; a lot of it out of my control. You see, fighting mental illness means that if not regulated, you can possibly get your trip to the hospital. You might lose some battles during the mental illness war, but you can always get up to fight again.

While hospitalized I did do  a lot of writing. Any time I could get permission to hold a pencil, Iʻd find something to write on; no matter how small my sheet of paper was, I wrote and theorized. To keep myself sane in between our group sessions, I’d sit in my bed and think about movies, as usual. The movies that reoccurred in my head all had something to do with emotionally disturbed and self-destsructive main characters; my favorites! What can I say, Iʻm fascinated with your baggage; it matches mine and we can agree that we add character. Donʻt take my word for it (actually, yeah – you should), and check out these flicks if youʻre ever having an “off” day:

Girl Interrupted

I saw this movie when I was young, around 12. And before WebMD, Girl Interrupted was the film that made me say, “I might be off”. But I dinʻt care, I wanted to be more of a Lisa (Angelina Jolie) than a Susanna (Wynona Ryder).


Iʻd always saw me ending up as some kind of tragic, self-destructive person when I was a kid (If only we know it was bipolar). Iʻd watch this movie every night I could when it played late on HBO, identifying with Jolieʻs performance of Gia; and abandoned girl who only needed more love that she could handle. Giaʻs a special movie, guys. And not just for the nudity, itʻs sill a moving film today.

Nymphomaniac Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

Thereʻs too much for me to say about this movie. It deserves a separate column of its own considering how deeply invested in it. If I could say one word about it: Raw. Itʻs also the path my late twenties is heading down.

Scarlet Diva

If anyone loses their smile, watch this move and let Asia Argento make things better with her own struggles. I also donʻt recommend watching alone. Itʻs overwhelming being a lonely witch sometimes; you might need your coven.

Born on the Fourth of July

PTSD is a real thing, man. Itʻs a lot to digest in this film. May take a few watches, but it will move you.

One Flew Over the Cuckooʻs Nest

Mental wards are interesting, and this movie found itʻs way in my head during my stay to reassure me everything will be fine.

The World According to Garp

I canʻt end this post on a melancholy note, but The World According to Garp, is a very interesting road to go down, film wise. But I guarantee itʻs worth it!

Okay, I think I supplied a good deed of movies to watch. If I missed some good ones, or if you want to talk about other genres, comment, comment, comment!

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