TERROR FIRMER: 20 Year Anniversary Blu-ray Review

This article may contain spoilers. You’ve been warned.

Terror Firmer. Geeze, what can I say about Terror Firmer?

When I was around ten years old I watched my idol John Waters’ Cecil B. Demented for New Years. To make it short, the idea is to encourage films that don’t give a fuck and challenge the mainstream system even if on a low budget. Years later when I saw Terror Firmer, I said to myself, “This is what John Waters was trying to encourage”.

Terror Firmer, directed by (And starring) Lloyd Kaufman is a movie about a low budget film crew trying to shoot the newest Toxic Avenger movie, only to have their precious set terrorized by a serial killer who turns out to be a hermaphrodite. I should also mention that it includes my favorite, gore. Sounds fantastic, right?

This is my favorite Troma movie, and when I found out that a 20th anniversary two disc Blu-ray edition of Terror Firmer was being released I needed to have a copy.

New addition to the library!

One of the things that makes Terror Firmer so great is the commentary that just because a movie has a big budget doesn’t mean that it’s going to be good. A movie can have the lowest of low budgets and still be considered artwork if the content is there. From the effort of the cast to the practical effects, you can tell this was a movie that EVERYONE put their passion into.

Two disc magic.

The special features on these discs are gold. It’s beyond what I expected. The features include a director’s cut of Terror Firmer, an introduction by Lloyd, a 20 year look back interview with the cast, exclusive commentaries, a full length documentary about the making of Terror Firmer, music videos directed by Lloyd including the Lunachicks, Entombed and DJ Polo featuring Ron Jeremy, bloopers, audition reel, Troma Now interviews trailers and much more. In other words, you get a lot.

If you’re a film enthusiast or film student, the Farts of Darkness: The Making of Terror Firmer documentary is great knowledge to add to your memory bank. I think the 20 year look behind the scenes and the music videos were some of my favorite features. It was great seeing everyone, especially Debbie Rochon again after so many years. It just felt good reliving this movie I love so much with the cast that loves the movie just as much. I might be biased, but the music videos are great because they capture Troma’s punk attitude.

The home screen looks phenomenal!

If this is a movie you haven’t seen, go see it. And if it’s a movie that you like, definitely buy this special edition copy. It’s totally worth it. You can always catch a rated-R version of Terror Firmer on Youtube or check out the full version on the Troma Now channel.

So go check out this movie and let’s talk about it!

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