DVD Review: FOUND (2012)

Staying in and watching horror always feels like a good idea, and I’m glad that I did because I finally grabbed a copy of Scott Schirmer’s Found (2012), based off the Todd Rigney novel, and the night in was absolutely worth it. I thought this movie was awesome. I agree, it is a piece of art. The final scene stays with you.

I think that it’s really cool that the story is told from the perspective of a twelve year old boy. This is an extreme coming of age story. Marty is a quiet boy who stays silent when the bullies pick on him rather than take a stand. His parents don’t really see him as a strong kid, or see him at all. The kids all think Marty’s weird because he watches horror movies and draws graphic novels. During this movie you watch him struggle with learning how to stop taking abuse. They call him the worst names, and Marty also has another secret that might add to his issues just a little; it just so happens that he has to deal with knowing that his older brother is a serial killer

At twelve years old, how do you build self esteem when no one likes you and everyone harasses you? That’s already hard enough because we all know from experience that kids say the worst things without realizing the lasting impact their words might cause, but then to know that your brother keeps decapitated heads in his closet? I couldn’t even imagine. What do you do? How do you feel safe? Do you think you’re strong enough to actually do something? No one realizes how disturbed Marty truly is.

Schirmer does an amazing job on this film from the great narration exploring the relationship between Marty and his brother Steve and the use of practical effects. Little things like the details from the graphic novel drawings down to the films within the film that Marty watches like Headless and Deep Dwellers, and the slow build up to a disturbing climax and final scene are greatly appreciated. There’s not a moment in this movie that drags, every moment is worth your attention.

I give Found a 9 out of 10. The sound quality on the DVD copy is not the best so I would recommend getting a copy of the Blu-ray. But Found is definitely a movie to buy and add to your collection. This movie also gave us another movie, Headless directed by Arthur Cullipher. It’s a completely different movie but I can talk about that some other time. Until then, I recommend you check out Found and maybe catch me down the road and let me know what you think.

For more Scott Schirmer films, visit https://scottschirmer.com/.

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