Album Review: Amenorrhea – REALMS OF DESSOLATION

Serial killers and death metal? You have my attention, and Amenorrhea’s album Realms of Desolation definitely got my attention with this fantastic album.

Amenorrhea is a Miami, Florida based death metal band composed of Niuvis Martin (Vocals), Josjan Alonso (Bass), Robert Barrueco (Drums) and Cari Buckner (Guitar). They’re a group of hard rocking individuals ready to destroy. Their sound is heavy with some thrash, the riffs are fast and the sound is raw and gritty led by Martin’s powerful death metal growl. Their sound reminds me of bands like Cannibal Corpse.

Amenorrhea is ready to destroy.

Each song on Realms of Desolation is about a serial killer, each track begins with a sound bite from an infamous murderer. The album covers everyone from BTK to Ted Bundy. It’s an album that captures, in their words, “Murder and Corruption in humanity”.

My favorite song on the album is “Highway Hooker”, written about Aileen Wuornos. Wuornos was convicted of murdering seven men while working as a prostitute. With such dark and unapologetic lyrics as these, of course I wanted to fall down the serial killer hole:

Highway hooker

I kill to pay my bills

Highway hooker

Angry lesbian thief

Highway hooker

‘May your wife and kids get raped in the ass’

The album excels in painting a mental picture of the personalities as well as the murders that were conducted by these killers, capturing the brutal and ugly nature of our society and putting a mirror up to our faces.

If you’re not really a serial killer enthusiast and you came across Amenorrhea’s Realms of Desolation, it would be an interesting soundtrack to get you started in serial killer research.

Catch Amenorrhea playing a local show near you.

The lyrics are disturbing like their muses and the energetic guitar playing of Cari Buckner and it gets me fired up like a good death metal band should. I would highly recommend grabbing a copy of Realms of Desolation and adding it to your collection. It might get you started on a journey into true crime.

For more on Amenorrhea, follow them on social media:

IG: @amenorrheadeathmetal


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