A Gathering of None: GIVE UP THE GHOST review

I think we could all use some new music this summer, and right now I’ve got the new EP, Give up the Ghost, by A Gathering of None playing on my stereo.

A Gathering of None features lead singer and lead and rhythm guitarist TB, Justin Travis Osburn on rhythm and lead guitars, Jeff Grunn on lead and rhythm guitars, Kenneth Belcher on bass and Chris White on drums. Give up the Ghost is a six track EP that rocks hard; my only irk is that I wanted it to last longer, but it’s an EP so I should know better.

The first track, “Give up the Ghost” is a strong opener. It’s the song that I play on repeat, the chorus is powerful:

“Push me I think I’m falling

The Reaper’s come on calling

And we are far too gone to save.

I’m not sure I call it sorrow

I’ll know for sure tomorrow

Give up the ghost, be on your way”

“Give up the Ghost” is definitely a song I sing along to loudly in my car. Songs like “Maybe Someday” are touching and personal, the whole EP is pretty personal actually. I think “Overcast in Virginia” is a great closer. With TB’s powerful voice singing over amazing guitar riffs; the song kind of transitions to a stoner band sound for a bit before going back to it’s melodic tempo.

The EP though quick it packs some deep lyrics. With songs about dealing with pain and moving on. Their sound has an alternative dulcet punk sound to it, a sound of their own; they can’t be compiled down to one genre.

I couldn’t be happier with Give up the Ghost. It’s got the right combination of alternative punk and post hardcore pacing, with piercing lyrics. So if you have the time, check out A Gathering of None and give Give up the Ghost a chance.

Follow A Gathering of None on social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AGatheringOfNone/

Instagram: @agatheringofnone

Twitter: @OfficialAGON

Bandcamp: https://agatheringofnone.bandcamp.com/

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