Scream Test (2020) [MOVIE REVIEW]

Photo: Amazon

If you’re looking for something good to watch this summer, then I’ve got a nice suggestion for you. Bob Cook’s Scream Test (2020) is a delightful summer scare for anyone interested. It’s fresh, funny and and an all-around good murder mystery/slasher film. I recommend taking a look at this film.

Felissa Rose plays actress Angie Newborn, scream queen legend. On the set of her latest film Angie loses her voice from screaming too much and per doctor’s orders she needs to limit her conversations for a few weeks. She’s given a notepad to write all her statements down. The doctor recommends that Angie go away with her manager Mick (Jeffry Druce) to a rehabilitation spa on a little island. The island has a variety of residents and staff, including Detective Phil Anderson (Dave Sheridan). Angie’s reputation precedes her as one of the staff members is a huge fan and has Angie’s movie posters all over her room. Things seem to be going okay at the resort until one of the staff members, Millie (Mercedes Davis) is found dead due to a freak accident. It turns out that help won’t be there to take any bodies away until later on in the week, so the islanders have to fend for themselves. Then another one of the residents is found dead in the pool and we come to the conclusion that a killer is loose on the island, and the killer is murdering people in the same fashion that people die in Angie’s movies.

Scream Test plays out smoothly with good kills. The story is engaging and it’s a lot of fun trying to figure out who the killer is based on all the evidence left behind. You mostly follow Phil around as he tries to solve the case. The mystery plays out well leading to the big surprise twist at the end which I absolutely enjoyed.

Angie’s character is interesting because she’s not a character that you would expect much of a fight from. One thing about her is that she’s missing the most important part of being a scream queen – her scream, so it’s intriguing to watch her go through a slasher film without being able to use her voice. Angie uses her femininity, she relies on that notepad and develops a relationship with Phil that works out for her protection. Felissa Rose’s performance was captivating and effective; she does an amazing job in this film.

I appreciate all the performances from the cast in this movie. Everyone does their performance well. I also really liked the utilization of movies within movies in this film. The fact that part of the movie revolved around the horror movie business was a lot of fun. I say go ahead and give Scream Test a rent.

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