Dog Soldiers (2002) [MOVIE REVIEW]

Photo: The Dissolve

I took a look at Neil Marshall’s film Dog Soldiers (2002). This is an action-packed horror movie for those who really like films about soldiers in combat, and also for people who enjoy werewolves. It took me on a ride that I really enjoyed with some sequences that I did not see coming. It’s definitely deserving of its cult classic status.

Photo: Rotten Tomatoes

Dog Soldiers takes place in the Scottish Highlands. Cooper (Kevin McKidd) and the rest of the British Squad that he’s in are dropped off in the Highlands to do a routine training mission. Things start to become suspicious when the group comes across the remains of another squad. They find one survivor, Ryan (Liam Cunningham) who is wounded. The crew also gets attacked by an unknown presence and they’re forced to retreat. While running away they come across Megan (Emma Cleasby), a zoologist and she drives the crew to a house down the road. While regrouping, the knowledgeable Megan informs them that they’re under attack by werewolves. Someway somehow Cooper and his squad must survive the night so that they can escape to safety.

This movie is a solid film. The story is engaging and fluid with a great build and climax. I enjoyed the action in the film and how the fights with werewolves feels like a battle at war. Once the kills begin they’re very good and the gore is appreciated. This movie is gritty and takes you down in the trenches with you.

Photo: The Guardian

Megan is an interesting character. I would’ve liked to have seen more heroism from her but she makes up for her lack of fighting with her intelligence. The crew truly would have been lost without her knowledge. She may not have been a trained soldier for combat especially for werewolves, but Megan leads the way in helping the boys find some sort of light in getting out of the situation. Not the greatest female character in a horror movie but she serves her purpose.

I give Dog Soldiers a thumbs up, if I had a rating system (Working on that…). I was really along for the ride during the entire film and the story made me care about the characters. If you’re looking for a good werewolf movie that is full of action, this movie is for you.

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