My Sim, Manda Micro. A Story in Progress… (Part 1)

This is my Sim Manda Macabre. Manda is a freelance digital artist. She lives with her husband Brayden, a sketchy and flirtatious criminal.

Manda gets annoyed with Brayden because he spends his time blatantly flirting with other women in front of her and he does things like criticize her and pick on her all day. Sheʻs getting pretty fed up with it. Also, Brayden never has money to pay the bills.

Chandler is a neighbor who stops by with fruitcake frequently and noticed that Manda was visibly stressed from Braydenʻs flirting and toxic behavior. They decided to go out to get drinks one day. Manda got a little tipsy and started to vent in great detail about Brayden.

Chandler couldnʻt help but listen to Mandaʻs frustration while getting swept up in drinks himself. He thought he would lend a shoulder for Manda to cry on and she thanked him with a kind embrace.

Caught up in the moment and alcohol, Manda went in for a kiss from Chandler and he reciprocated. She quickly realized that she had made a mistake even though Braylen is kind of an asshole, heʻs never kissed another woman as far as she knows. Manda quickly went home to think.

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