Yʻall Wanna Hear My Jaguar Family Sims Story? (Part 1)

So I just moved my oldest son Kolby Jaguar-Monroe out to an apartment in the Eco Lifestyle neighborhood (Evergreen Harbor?). A little backstory: Kolby grew up on a farm in Henford on Bagley and enjoyed gardening.

It was mainly his responsibility to tend the crops on the farm while his parents focused on the cow and the chickens and the bees (He has a younger brother Carter who hated the farm and moved away to the city to be a fashion photographer but that’s another story).

Kolby is also a vegetarian and lactose intolerant so it’s important that he eats crops he grows himself. He studied communications in college so that he could become a civil designer and improve the environment, as he was inspired from living on his parents farm to make things as green as possible. He immediately entered the Civil Designer career at level 6 so he’s not struggling for money or anything. His apartment is kind of tiny and he went from having tons of crops to harvest to only being able to grow three fruits and vegetables in his tiny apartment so that’s a bummer. There’s a house in the neighborhood for $70,000 that I’m hoping to move him in one day so that he has more room to garden. He also adopted a Havanese puppy named Heidi to live with him.

As for Kolbyʻs brother carter: Carter hated growing up on the farm. it just wasn’t for him. He felt neglected by his parents as they were focused on the animals and crops, it was hot, he stunk a lot, he just hated it. He loves his parents though, they have a good relationship now. But he was particularly distant from his mother during his childhood and teenage years. Carter always saw himself living in a nice apartment in San Myshuno being a fashion photographer. He graduated college with an art degree but he’s currently in the photography career. Money is pretty tight as he’s just in level 1 of his career and the photography career. He wants to do better at work but he’s been distracted from planning his wedding. He married his high school boyfriend heriberto, the son of his mom’s late best friend Allison.

Heriberto is unemployed. Together they’ve adopted three babies to raise so that they could have triplets: Hunter, Shane, and Lola.

So Kolby went to San Myshuno to visit his brother carter so that he could meet his new niece and nephews. However, Kolby got confused and went to the wrong apartment and it happened to be the apartment of two roommates, Olive and Emma. They were nice enough to take Kolby to carterʻs actual apartment because they happened to be really good friends of Carter and visit all the time anyway. Kolby and Carterʻs new neighbors got along well as Kolby visited his brother in his new apartment and got to know his new niece and nephews. Kolby was fond of Emma and decided after work one day to see if she wanted to go do some karaoke and get food in the city. Emma was down to go and Iʻll be honest, the night out was extremely uncomfortable for both people. It turns out that Emma was just having a bad day and didnʻt really find karaoke all that interesting. Kolby and Emma tried to do a country duet and emma wasnʻt crazy about it.

In fact it put her in a bad mood, Kolby tried getting them some food and talking to Emma over pita and hummus but the conversation turned awkward as Emma was not in the mood.

Emma actually ended up leaving after food and Kolby figured maybe heʻd try hanging out with Emma at his apartment where itʻs less crowded. The next night after work Kolby invited Emma over to his apartment for dinner and a movie. He figured that the girl he met and got along with so well at Carterʻs apartment certainly wasn’t the same girl he had an awkward evening with the night before at karaoke. Emma came over and they watched a romantic comedy over a vegan meal cooked by Kolby. This time the conversation was a lot better and the two got along great.

The movie put Emma in a flirty mood, as she is a romantic and Kolby mustered up the courage to deliver a bold pick up line on Emma and she was receptive. The two spent the rest of the night having flirty conversation until Emma had to leave since Kolby had to work in the morning.

A few nights later Kolby got really bold and asked Emma out on a date. Emma agreed and the two went to dinner. The conversation was great and the two became very fond over each other while waiting for their food.

There was flirting, risque jokes, compliments, pick up lines and Kolby was even courageous enough to confess his attraction to Emma. Emma was also blowing kisses at Kolby a few times during the date. After dinner Kolby decided to make his move and go in for the first kiss. Emma was receptive to it and they both were very happy. Theyʻre not rushing anything, theyʻre just romantic interests at the moment, but Kolby is really feeling this girl.

Back to Carter. Carter and Heriberto are settling into being parents and balancing careers. Carterʻs dad Nathaniel came over to see the grandbabies and provided a helping hand while Heriberto looked for a job.

Carter got a formalwear magazine photography gig and had Emma come over and do some modeling for him. She provided a great charisma for his photos and they were loved by the client and they paid him well which he needed. He also sold a painting he created on Plopsy for $8,000.

Heriberto, a gloomy, kleptomaniac, recycle disciple thought a career in gardening would be good for him and set on a path to become a botanist since heʻs big on recycling. Being in a garden will also be good for Heribertoʻs mental health since he struggles with gloominess.

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