Yʻall Wanna Hear My Jaguar Family Sims Story? (Part 2)

Back to Kolby. Kolby is focused on getting some action plans repealed in his neighborhood so that he can make the neighborhood green and is working hard as a policy planner. Some nights Emma comes over to watch movies on the couch and they cuddle.

Things are going great with Emma and Kolby thinks it would be nice if she met his parents at his Christmas party. Kolby excitedly decorates the Christmas tree in anticipation for the holiday.

Kolby has his family and his friends over to his apartment for his Christmas party. Everyone gathers around the tree to open the gifts they got for each other and Kolby was gifted a karaoke machine (Not from Emma) and he calls everyone around for a tofurkey dinner.

Kolby introduces his parents to Emma and they get along great. They find her very charming. While everyone was watching the Christmas movie Kolby snuck away to surprise Emma with a mistletoe kiss. The next day his parents called to say how great Emma was.

The next night after a long day at work Emma calls Kolby and asks him out on a date to the local bar. Kolby figured this would make his day interesting after a stressful day trying to improve the environment. The two go out for drinks and dancing.

Kolby canʻt stop admiring how great this girl is. And the date seems to be going well too because Emma feels like Kolby makes a great conversation.

It started to get late and Kolby had work in the morning so everyone had to get going. Emma had a great time hanging out with Kolby though. They definitely plan on hanging out again soon.

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