My Sim, Manda Micro. A Story in Progress… (Part 3)

Over the next few weeks Manda was feeling discouraged from the fall out between her and the Sims Forever team in addition to feeling sad about the distance between her and her only friend Chandler. She decided to go out to a bar to just grab a drink and escape. Then she heard a quiet voice say, “Excuse me. I think you might have grabbed my drink”.

Manda turned and looked to her left to see a beautiful young woman sitting at the bar next to her:

Manda: “I…what?”

Stranger: “The silent film cocktail. Thatʻs the one I ordered. The bartender is still making yours.”

Manda: “Oh my god, Iʻm so sorry.”

Stranger [Laughs]: “Itʻs okay. You can just buy me another one.”

Manda: “Sure, no problem. Iʻm Manda by the way.”

Stranger (Smiling): “Nice to meet you, Manda. Iʻm Tiana.”

The two women made jokes and found each other to be good company making funny commentary to the TV show playing on the bar television while they had drinks. Manda found Tiana to be hilarious.

Manda: “Tiana youʻre hilarious. Iʻm having such a great time. I canʻt believe Iʻve never met anyone as funny as you.”

Tiana: “Thanks, youʻre pretty funny too Manda.”

Manda: “You really put me in a better mood from what I was feeling.”

Tiana: “Well Iʻm glad I could make your day better. We should do this again sometime!”

Manda: “Yeah, definitely. Let me get your number!”

Tiana: “Sure girl!”

Tiana and Manda exchange numbers and they make plans to hang out again later in the week. They say their goodbyes and Manda heads home for the evening feeling like sheʻs made a new friend.

About a week later Manda gave Tiana a call to see if she wanted to get some dinner. They met up and got to know each other more as they waited for their entrees.

Manda: “So how old are you?”

Tiana: “Twenty three. You?”

Manda: “Twenty four. Do you live around here?”

Tiana: “I live in an apartment with my boyfriend in San Myshuno. You?”

Manda: “I live not too far away from San Myshuno. My husband and I have a house over in Willow Creek.”

Tiana: “How romantic. Living the dream married in a house with a white Pickett fence.”

Manda [Laughs]: “I can assure you that we donʻt have a fence. And itʻs partially a dream, itʻd be more of a dream if money were a little more consistent to keep up with the bills. I work as a freelance digital artist.”

Tiana: “Yeah I can understand that. Iʻm currently in between jobs so every now and then I have to go to my parents to make rent. Living in the city can be expensive.”

Manda: “You should consider moving to Willow Creek! The houses here go for cheap.”

Tiana: “If Miles and I really get serious then we might start looking for houses. Weʻve been together for five years so maybe thereʻs wedding bells in our future. What about you? How long have you and your husband been together?”

Manda: “Brayden and I dated for two years and have been married one year. Making a marriage last takes a lot of work. From my own personal experience, I wouldnʻt recommend rushing into it. Youʻre doing the right thing.”

Tiana: “Yeah?”

Manda: “Oh for sure. Brayden and I are like World War III most days, other days weʻre a sex scene from ʻShamelessʻ.”

Tiana [Laughs]: “I guess waiting so long to get married isnʻt such a bad thing.”

Manda: “Definitely take your time.”

Dinner came and the girls ate, drank, and laughed some more. Time just flew by and the girls lost track.

Manda: “Oh wow I didnʻt realize how late it was! I just get lost in time with you, Iʻd better get going.”

Tiana: “I feel the same way about you. Get home safe, okay?”

Manda: “You too. Goodnight!”

Tiana: “Goodnight Manda!”

They hug each other goodbye before going their separate ways.

One day Tiana came over to pick Manda up to take her to see a movie. She had no idea that Braydon was going to answer the door in his underwear.

Brayden: “You must be Tiana. Manda said that you would be coming by.”

Tiana: “And you must be Brayden.”

Brayden: “Guilty. Iʻm busted with my pants down.”

Tiana: “Yeah, literally.”

Brayden: “Come inside, Manda is almost ready.”

Tiana enters the house and has a seat at the dining table with Braydon who makes no effort to cover up. Manda is fumbling around on the couch looking for her keys. She lets Tiana know that sheʻs almost ready.

Brayden: “So Tiana, Manda didnʻt tell me that she would be hanging out with such a sexy girlfriend. You do know how beautiful you are? Donʻt you?”

Tiana: “Thanks but Iʻm sure Manda wouldnʻt appreciate you saying such things about me.”

Brayden: “Oh, Manda doesnʻt mind. I just call them like I see them and I couldnʻt let a woman so gorgeous leave my sight without her knowing how pretty she is.

Tiana: “My boyfriend says the same thing.”

Brayden: “Boyfriend? He must have a hard time fighting off guys trying to get to you.”

Tiana: “He knows how to hold his own.”

Brayden: “Of course Iʻm the kind of guy where if I see something I want Iʻm going to go in and take it and no one is going to stop me, not even boyfriends.”

Tiana: “Excuse me?”

Manda (Angrily): “THATʻS ENOUGH, BRAYDEN!”

Brayden: “Relax Manda, Tiana knows that Iʻm just joking.”

Manda: “No she doesnʻt Brayden. Tiana, are you ready to go?”

Tiana: “Ready when you are, sis.”

Manda: “Letʻs go. And Brayden, put some goddamn clothes on.”

Manda and Tiana leave for the movie and Manda apologizes repeatedly to Tiana for Braydenʻs behavior.

Everyone meets at the movies, and by everyone that means (From left to right) Tianaʻs friend Jocelyn, Tianaʻs boyfriend Miles, Manda, Tiana, and Jocelynʻs boyfriend Trey. Everyone is here with their significant other except Manda, and Manda canʻt help but feel relieved that her husband isnʻt here because he would just make the event extremely uncomfortable and Manda has taken a liking to this group and would hate to ruin things, especially things with Tiana because Manda likes her so much. Manda buys everyone a round of ridgeport cocktails before the movie.

The gang have a great time at the movies and Manda has cooled off and since forgotten about her husbandʻs inappropriate behavior from earlier. She finally feels like she can be in a social circle that she can relax and be herself in and enjoys the rest of the night.

Meanwhile Brayden is at a lounge with Aylin. Aylin isnʻt necessarily happy with Braylin and sheʻs vocal about it:

Aylin: “Brayden how much longer am I supposed to sit on the sidelines being your other woman while you get to have your cake and eat it too by staying married to your wife?”

Brayden: “Woah. Take it easy. Where is this all coming from?”

Aylin: “Itʻs coming of me being tired of being treated like a fool. Do you love her?”

Brayden: “Itʻs complicated. Iʻm working on ending things.”

Aylin: “You do love her. This is so unfair. How can you love me yet treat me this way?”

Brayden: “Give me until after Harvestfest. Iʻll end it then.”

Aylin: “You mean that? Promise me.”

Braylin: “I promise.”

Brayden gives Aylin a rose he bought for her earlier.

Aylin: “Oh Brayden. I love roses!”

Braylin: “I love you Aylin.”

Aylin: “I love you too.”

Aylin gives Brayden a watch she bought him with a card inside the box.

They kiss.

Brayden leans in and whispers in Aylinʻs ear, “Come on, letʻs get out of here.”

The couple go back to Aylinʻs place and they make love.

Manda comes home from the movies rejuvenated and goes straight to bed. Sheʻs unaware that her husband is currently in the arms of another woman.

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