My Sim, Manda Micro. A Story in Progress… (Part 4)

WARNING: Contains adult situations.

Brayden had been feeling uncomfortable after a few days.

He went to the doctor and found out that he contracted crab lice. He was furious because he believed that he caught them from Aylin which meant that she had been sleeping with someone else.

Brayden knew he had to keep this a secret from Manda so he bought lice shampoo in cash and hid it in his office at the night club where he conducts his business from and showered at the gym. Manda had been working on her portfolio heavy to try and get a new freelance job so there wouldnʻt be any time for them to be intimate, making it easy for Brayden to stay away from Manda. Brayden went over to Aylinʻs place to confront her about her cheating.

Aylin: “You seem upset, baby. What did you want to talk about?”


Aylin: “Hold on. Who do you think youʻre raising your voice at? And whatʻs the problem?”

Brayden: “Then how the hell did I contract crab lice Aylin? Tell me that? Whatʻs his name?”

Aylin: “Holy shit you caught crab lice?”

Brayden: “YES! And I know that I didn’t get it from my wife. Speaking of, how am I supposed to keep this from Manda?”

Aylin: “How dare you, asshole. How dare you come here and accuse me of giving you crab lice. I havenʻt been with anyone but you! You step out on your wife, maybe youʻve been stepping out on me too, havenʻt you?”

Brayden: “…”


Brayden: “Just a girl from the club one time. She doesnʻt matter. I only love you.”

Aylin: “GET OUT!!!”

Braylin: “Aylin, just listen to m-“


Brayden leaves the house defeated and goes home.

Brayden returns home and finds Manda talking to someone on the phone.

Manda: “Oh, well Brayden just walked in so Iʻm gonna go so I can tell him. Okay Iʻll talk to you later. Bye! [To Brayden] Hey baby!”

Brayden: “Hey, who was that?”

Manda: “Tiana. Guess what happened?”

Brayden: “I donʻt wanna guess, Manda. Iʻm not in the mood. Things are stressful at work.”

Manda: “Fine grumpy, then Iʻll tell you. I got a freelance job working as a concept artist for another video game!”

Brayden: “Oh yeah?”

Manda: “Yeah! Isnʻt that great? If they approve my concepts then this could be huge for my career.”

Brayden: “Well letʻs hope you donʻt screw it up like with Sims Forever.”

Brayden walks away and goes to his room and shuts the door. He doesnʻt realize that Manda had lied to him, she wasnʻt talking to Tiana, she was talking to Brayden.

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