My Sim, Manda Micro. A Story in Progress… (Part 6)

The day after the Summerfest party Tiana came by to check on Manda. Brayden had not come home since the fight with Chandler and although Manda was upset with Brayden, she thought she would at least be able to talk things through with her husband.

Tiana: “How are you holdinʻ up, girl?”

Manda: “I just feel awful about everything. I feel like none of this wouldʻve happened if I never invited Chandler to the party. This is all my fault. We shouldʻve stopped talking after the kiss.”

Tiana: “No. Donʻt say that. Thatʻs the kind of toxic brainwashing that Brayden is trying to manipulate you with. Nothing is your fault. Chandler is your friend and had a right to be there. Have you heard from Brayden?”

Manda: “No. I keep calling his phone but it goes straight to voicemail.”

Tiana: “Honestly Manda, I donʻt know why you put up with his shit. I knew from the moment he hit on me in front of you when I first met him that he is a scumbag and he doesnʻt deserve you. Youʻre smart, youʻre funny, you have a legitimate career. The only flaw about you is that you canʻt see how trash your husband is. You need to leave him before things get worse. Iʻve talked to Miles about it and we think you should stay in the apartment with us until you can get a place of your own away from Brayden.”

Manda: “Thanks but I think I can make things work with Brayden. Heʻs stubborn but I think I can get through to him if I really work at it. When I said my vows I said ʻfor better or for worseʻ and I have to stand by that. He can change.”

Tiana: “Guys like him have no plans at changing at all. Heʻs an egomaniac, he puts you down, heʻs got a shady career, heʻs hot-headed, and heʻs violent. I donʻt think this marriage is good for you, Manda. You could do so much better on your own.”

Manda: “I donʻt know if I can do it on my own, Tiana. Iʻm just not ready to give up on us yet. I have to try.”

Tiana: “If thatʻs what you really want to do then Iʻm here for support, but I am not in favor of this idea. I love you, Manda and I want to see you winning.”

Manda: “I know…”

Tiana: “Hey, letʻs go out next weekend. We can celebrate my new job as an interior decorator! Letʻs go to the fashion district in San Myshuno Saturday. Itʻll make you feel better.”

Manda: “Okay…Letʻs do it.”

Tiana leaves for the night. She comes by every day after work to check on Manda and make sure that sheʻs eating.

That Saturday Manda and Tiana went to the fashion district for drinks and karaoke.

Manda was having a good time with Tiana, but Brayden was still lingering on her mind. She wanted to hear his voice to know that heʻs at least okay. She snuck away to the bathroom to give Brayden another call. The call almost went to voicemail and at the last moment a voice was on the other end.

Brayden: “Manda.”

Manda: “Brayden. Iʻm surprised you answered. Where are you? Are you okay?”

Brayden: “Iʻve been staying with a friend. Iʻm fine.”

Manda: “Well Iʻm glad youʻre not hurt, Iʻve been worried sick. Brayden when are you coming home?”

Brayden: “Soon. We have to talk and Iʻm not ready yet.”

Manda: “Okay…when is soon? A few days? What?”

Brayden: “I have to go, Manda.”

Manda: “Brayden -“

[Call disconnects]

Manda rushes out of the bathroom to find Tiana.

Manda finds Tiana in the crowd and pulls her aside.

Manda: “I talked to Brayden.”

Tiana: “When? Just now?”

Manda: “Yeah! He answered!”

Tiana: “Well did he explain himself? What did he say?”

Manda: “Heʻs been staying with a friend and heʻll be home soon to talk about things.”

Tiana: “Did he say how soon?”

Manda: “No.”

Tiana: “What the hell, Manda?”

Manda: “I know. Heʻs an asshole.”

Tiana: “I mean how are you putting up with this? He leaves and doesnʻt give you any answers. This is bullshit! Heʻs manipulating you into giving him chances.”

Manda: “I know I should be so mad with him but honestly Iʻm just happy that heʻs not somewhere hurt. Iʻve been so worried.”

Tiana: “Heʻs playing you, Manda.”

Manda: “Maybe. But I canʻt walk away from him knowing that I didnʻt try.”

Tiana: “Again, Iʻm against this, but if this is what you want to do I have your back.”

Manda: “Thank you.”

Tiana: “Now what are we standing here for? Letʻs hit that dance floor like we donʻt have men to go home to.”

The women do more karaoke and dance at the bar the rest of the night.

One more week went by, Tiana has still come by every day to check on Manda. It was now the next Sunday. Manda was at home busy researching concept art for her latest freelance job. Then suddenly she heard the front door open and close. Manda rushed to the door.

Manda: “Brayden? Is that you?”

She approaches the door and finds a figure standing at the entrance. Her estranged husband Brayden.

Brayden: “Manda. We need to talk.”

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