Manda in the City (Macabre Story Part 8)

Tiana lets Manda in the house and tells her to have a seat on the couch.

Tiana: “So start from the beginning. You left Brayden?”

Manda: “I left Brayden. For good. He was cheating on me. He got some other woman pregnant so I told him that I kissed Chandler and he called me a slut and I told him that I wanted a divorce and left him there.”

Tiana: “He got someone else pregnant?! That son of a bitch!”

Manda: “It was some woman he met through the club.”

Tiana: “That asshole will get his. Iʻm so sorry, Manda.”

Manda continues to cry.

Tiana: “Itʻs okay. Itʻs gonna be okay, Manda. You did the right thing.”

Manda: “I just canʻt believe all of this has happened.”

Tiana: “Yeah. But youʻre so strong for doing this, Manda. Youʻre going to be fine on your own without him.”

Manda: “Can I stay here for a while? Until I can find a place of my own.”

Tiana: “Of course you can, girl. Stay as long as you need to.”

Manda: “Thank you so much Tiana. I donʻt know what I would do without you. I love you, girl.

Tiana: “I love you too.”

Three months since Manda left had gone by and some things had changed. It was the beginning of fall and Manda got a couple of new tattoos, a nose piercing and stopped wearing a weave. She decided she wanted the new divorced her let her natural hair finally show.

Manda changed her look and dove head first into advancing her career. Sheʻs been working hard on projects and has been more focused than ever. Sheʻs saving to move out of Tianaʻs and into her own apartment. Sheʻs excited to see what her new life in the city has in store for her.

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